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The Liturgy of the Hours

Dec 24, 2020

Merry Christmas from the Liturgy of the Hours. 

Jesus Christ is born! 

Most years we would celebrate with our families and churches, gathering to pray, sing carols and light candles. 

This year is different, and we pray, unique. Let us remember that, while we gather alone, the spirit connects us through time and space. We carry our community wherever we may be. 

A gift for you: Professor Craig Koester reads the Christmas Story from Luke’s Gospel. A virtual Luther Seminary Choir, led by Mark Ertl, sing Silent Night. Thank you to Jaime Benson, Agony Siwela, Lucas Shurson, Cori Forcey, Bergen Eickhoff, Gloria Osemenam, Seth Wynands, Danni Dunasky for singing. Our thanks to Jami Goetz for editing and producing, as always. 

Wherever you are, may the promise of the Christ child, born in humble wonder, sustain you this day. You are not alone.