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The Liturgy of the Hours

Dec 19, 2020

The Liturgy of the Hours Podcast, brought to you by Luther Seminary Chapel and Augsburg University Campus Ministry. 

These are the golden evenings of Advent, when the nights in the northern hemisphere stretch towards their longest and the light bends and turns to lengthen our days. Our waiting peaks to a crescendo as we yearn to welcome Christmas, the Christ child: our true light from the true light.

We mark these days by dwelling in a treasure of the church: the hymn O Come O Come Emmanuel and their refrain, known as the O Antiphons. Today: O Branch of Jesse.

Michael Morris leads us through the O Antiphons with chanting. These short sentences are the lens through which we read Mary’s Magnificat and understand the Messiah that was and is and is to come. 

Rejoice, for God, merciful and mighty, is with you.