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The Liturgy of the Hours

Jun 22, 2020

The liturgy of the hours podcast is the ancient practice of prayer delivered to your stream. This offering is brought to you by the office of the seminary pastor at Luther Seminary. The Liturgy of the Hours is the office of daily prayer in the church. We offer one episode with three chapters for morning prayer (Matins), evening prayer (Vespers), and night prayer (Compline). See timestamps below: 

Chapter One: Matins 0:00
Chapter Two: Vespers 13:20
Chapter Three: Compline 34:19


The liturgy of the hours is brought to you by the Office of the Seminary Pastor at Luther Seminary. 




Liturgist: Jonathan Rundman

Reader: Anna Ferro



Jonathan Rundman: acoustic guitar and voice


Dawn Rundman: accordion

Svea Rundman: violin

Paavo Rundman: violin


Producers: Jami Goetz and Jeni Grangaard 

Theme music: Nate Crary

This is offered for the Luther Seminary Community for worship and is not intended to be duplicated or used for commercial purposes. 

Readings were selected from the Revised Common Lectionary and read from the New Revised Standard Version, all rights reserved. 


The liturgy and the hymns are from the Evangelical Lutheran Book of Worship Pew Edition. Copyright © 2006, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Published by Augsburg Fortress.


“Canticle of Departure”

“Psalm Tone Blues”

music by Jonathan Rundman

cp2005 Salt Lady Music (ASCAP)

from A Heartland Liturgy

CCLI # 5819023

Portions are streamed from #A730924 and Augsburg Fortress Annual License #26450, CCLI #1725436